Customer Training

SigmaNEST is a very easy and flexible program to use. It has a great depth of features and can be applied to a wide variety of situations.

Training to SigmaNEST users is an important activity for Vaal Triangle since it forms an important part of achieving successes with SigmaNEST project. To ensure the optimal use of the software it is essential that customers acquire proper training.

Customer Training Facilities

Vaal Triangle offers several training courses. These courses are well structured to ensure that users get an in-depth insight into the software. The training facilities are well equipped and classes are conducted for small batches at a time. This enables the trainers at Vaal Triangle to spend enough quality time with each attendee. An easy to understand and practically oriented technique of imparting the training gives enough hands-on and practical experience to each such attendee to enable him / her to use the software expertly by the time the training is completed.

Vaal Triangle can also arrange on-site training and consulting facilities.

For a complete list of on-site training & consulting facilities, in house training schedules and course content please contact our office.

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